Carolyn Joy Zorn, founder and Director of Wiggles N' Tunes.



About Wiggles N' Tunes

Wiggles N' Tunes is the creation of award-winning early childhood music educator and violinist Carolyn J. Zorn, an award-winning music educator who has received national recognition for inspiring "little musicians" for over 25 years.

"We all know that children love to make sounds, from the infant's first cooing to a toddler tapping on a pot with a spoon. Music is a child's first creative expression and the most natural. When I created Wiggles N' Tunes, I wanted to nurture every child's musical development, build confidence and independence. We do this with song, tone, rhythm and movements that are fun and fundamental to learning!"

As the original creator of the "wiggling" concept Wiggles N' Tunes, is the preeminent children's edutainment company combining years of experience in music and child development into an exciting program of planned music play that meets the national music standards and can do wonders for a young child's coordination, music appreciation and self-esteem.

The Wiggles N' Tunes music learning center originated in Northern New Jersey in 1993 and has since become an international company. Wiggles N' Tunes was voted the "hands down, parent-pleasing favorite music program" by Discovery Zone, Int'l the pioneer in the indoor play. Well over 250,000 children nationwide have enjoyed their wiggling experience, making music part of their daily lives.

Stay tuned for future developments in wiggling which are sure to come from this creative and fun-loving music company.